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Useful Tips For Hiring Fire Engine Limos

A guide for you to get the most from your Fire Engine limo hire experience

Hiring fire engine limos for a special occasion can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone in your party. Fire engine or party bus hire offers a convenient way for your group to travel between venues in style, let your hair down and, perhaps most importantly, arrive home in safety after a great night out! Our useful tips guide gives you some suggestions to enable you to really get the most from your fire engine limo hire booking.

Make some plans before booking a Fire Engine Limo

The first thing to do is plan ahead. There are certain times of the year when limousines and party buses are in high demand so its a good idea to book early to ensure you get the vehicle you want. School prom season, for example, is an exceptionally busy period for limousine companies so if you're hen night, stag night or birthday falls inside the end-of-May to start-of-July window you'll need to look around and book three or four months in advance. That said, if you're up against the clock and need some colourful transport urgently then many operators offer special last minute deals if they receive a sudden cancellation.

Fire Engine Limos licenses - check your group size!

All fire engine limos and party buses are licensed to hold upto a set number of passengers per journey. The maximum number of passengers will depend on the local authority and the size of the vehicle so you will need to make sure that your preferred fire engine or party bus is large enough to accommodate your group. Don't get left in the cold (all responsible operators WILL NOT allow any extra passengers onboard as it invalidates their insurance) and make sure the numbers add up!

Get your Fire Engine Limo travel details in order!

Most limousine operators can be flexible to your travel needs and will tailor a package to suit you and your party plans. Its important to outline your travel details at the time of booking to make sure both parties are clear on where you'd like to be picked up from and driven to. You will need to provide the limousine operator with these addresses when you book. Remember, any alterations made to your itinerary after you've booked may incur a supplementary charge.

Finally, have fun but behave!

Once you're onboard your fire engine limo it'll be time to have some fun! Pop open the bubbly, put the music on and, if theres one fitted, have a dance around the pole (if you're feeling brave)! Your hen night, stag night, prom, birthday, anniversary or big night out should be a fun occasion but remember to behave responsibily so noone's evening ends on a duff note! Fire engine limos and party buses are expensive vehicles that are carefully maintained so any breakages or damage will need to be paid for. This can include torn seats, broken champagne glasses and residue left on the interior fixtures and fittings. A damage clause will almost certainly be included in your booking terms and conditions so its probably best to remind everyone of this beforehand!

Now you're upto speed with fire engine limos etiquette take a look at our limos for hire page and choose your favourite!

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